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"That's a note that I wrote..." Any more egregious lie to Congress ever?


I feel a bit lightheaded. Maybe you should drive.
Read your story. Seems like Jimmy Biden is a bit of a scammer but nobody has been able to nail him yet. Hunter too, and a former crackhead to boot…If either or both of them get arrested and indicted, I will definitely follow the trials after reading the indictments. I am interested in legal proceedings especially when they are aimed at famous big shots. Your story says a lot about shady dealings but never really alleges any criminality by Hunter, James or Joe.

Nothing to see here, move along...

Bugsy McGurk

Yet, Democrats have investigated Trump 1,000 times more without even a parking ticket and you yap about that?????

Diseased propaganda brain. You've got it.
Saying there have been “1,000” investigations of Trump is obviously a wild lie. But it’s fair to say that most of Trump’s numerous acts of wrongdoing have been investigated. Sane patriots want it that way.


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and if you read it he was fined $90,000 for lying
I realize you stayed up all night posting but surely you got enough rest to know the fine was for perjury
From the link:
The fine was ordered by Judge Susan Webber Wright, three months after she found him guilty of contempt for giving false testimony in a sexual harassment case brought against him by a former Arkansas government employee, Paula Jones.


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If she was under oath and she told a falsehood, that is perjury.
She recounted a conversation in which Onato told her about the confrontation in the car. So now if he says he never told her those think he is more credible than she is?

Seems to me that proving he didn't tell her that story might make your argument moot.
So you are saying only the most “egregious lie in World History” are important? Can I hold you to that….lol
What I am saying is that the OP is pure hyperbole and laughable….You can hold me to anything you want…makes no difference. I will always be here to make fun of and call bullshit whenever any crap like this is spewed. That’s how I roll.


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Excuse me? If the person is under oath and the statement is a lie, it's perjury.
Grow a brain.
1. If a person is under oath and tells the panel that someone recounted an event and that person says "No, didn't tell her that"...good luck proving perjury. It is a "He said, She said" situation.
2. Lying under oath is not always perjury. The question asked must be pertinent to the case. In Bill Clinton's case the question of having sex with Lewinsky had nothing at all to do with the accusation of harassment at work...since Lewinsky never said she was harassed.