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The beginning of a poem

not finished and will morf but .................

My sis called me a 'silly 'old' bag' when I read it to her so ...... leaving out the 'old' please I shall take no offence no matter what you say ( just enough of the old eh ?)

Please when you go, go gently into that dark night,
No more trauma,
No more fright ( it had to rhymn )

No vets with big blue hypodermics,
as out of a cartoon flim,
please when you go, go gently

as you are

but not soon
little Goddess
not yet
sweet Princess

linger a while with me,
just me and Mama,
Mama and you,
just us few.

Allow me the tangable love of you,
and you of me,
For Grief comes under the Catogory...
of love
wherein the only place of sanity is inbetween,
its' begin-
ing and its' end

The madness I can conquere
you go gently
when you go, into that dark night.

But if you don't if you must rage against,
no matter,
I'll see you through,
and worry about the small print in the sanity clause later.
When I am left alone,
with your old bone-
literally and metaphorically.

But in the now
where dogs live
Thank you for being so kind
to stay behind with me
after the party.
Yes, a bit sentimental ...sorry, that will be editied out at some point if I know me :)

She is the last one standing from the five ............ her son went on Tuesday and her Bro on Wednesday .she had a stroke before easter so it has been a wee bit traumatic around here lately ;-)
My understanding of Karma is more complex than you often state gabriel.

Anyway sweety pie, I have lived within the pack of which Sunny is the last for more than their thirteen years,since I knew her Ma and her Pa. I saw my five born, I bottle fed three of the five from 2 weeks old and helped Sunny wean her 8 pups. It has been quite a journey .....we are near the end now but I thank them all from the bottom of my heart for the pleasure of their company for their extraordinary life times ; ) xxx


i have never made a single statement about your understanding of karma. you have me confused with someone else.
You want a niggle ?

You stated that if a body goes out badly from this life the next incarnation or the next beast entering will suffer ??? ...I took it too mean your concept of karma gabriel ... I know that the concept of karma is far more complex and definatly not as 'organised' as that.

I do not like to hear the 'simplified' version of karma and so I will always object to it ;
) And I know too that you know better.
lemme see, titania or buddha? who shud i listen to? what a dilema?? lol
LOL Ya daft bugger .there were'have been many Buddhas ......I am not one of 'em ! xxx Jeeeez ah yia ....

With in karma can not an old soul who loves another soul come back and help that loved soul in its lifetime ? Is karma not more compex that simply if you make a mistake in this life you resit the exam in the next ? etc Is all I am saying gabby.


as i understand it, there is no such thing as an unchanging permanent soul, and YOU dont get a next life. karma is only a word. obviously my understanding of it doesnt agree with yours. perhaps thats why i never tried to describe yours but confined myself to commenting on mine.
I didn't think you were trying to describe mine, which is rather vague now anyway, I no longer think about it much since I went to those Lords of Karma and asked 'how much more ?!!!'

maybe we have just had a misunderstanding here gabby.


the misunderstanding occured here

"My understanding of Karma is more complex than you often state gabriel."

the coonstruction makes it appear that u feel i am making staements about your understanding rather than karma itself.
I realised that : ) I must try harder to make my self clearer in my meanings : )

To mean what I say as well as say what I mean ...I mean xxxx