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The easiest way to sum up the insurrection.


I feel a bit lightheaded. Maybe you should drive.
Got a link to that post of mine where I said there were thousands of "armed and crazed insurrectionists"?

There were certainly around two thousand who broke into the capitol. Many were armed with weapons ranging from baseball bats and hockey sticks to pitch forks and spears.

You expressed the opinion that assault could be "acting or speaking" in a threatening manner....but in the video of the riot you can clearly see violent and deadly attacks on the police. About 140 officers needed medical care...I'm sure it was just because people talked mean to them. Right?

Was it a minority of the protesters? Yes. Was there intent to stop the count of electors and intimidate congress into overturning the election? Absolutely. If their actions had succeeded would you agree that it was an insurrection?
And "if" the sun stopped coming up we'd all die...