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The Globalist Pope and the Enlightened Nun---

Lance Freeman

Council Member
Folks, the whole world is waiting for Americans to wake up from their deep slumber and make a move to stop the madness that is destroying their country. They watch in amazement as this once great nation sinks into the abyss. They look upon the United States as the last bastion of liberty left on Earth, and if it goes down, the whole world will go with it. They can see that Australia and Canada have already fallen to communistic tyrannies, and hold their breath as the U.S. teeters on a knife edge. The key here is 'compliance'. So long as Americans continue to 'comply' with the destructive policies of the Biden regime, without question or protest, so long as this nation will continue to sink.

I came across this video of a truly enlightened Nun speaking truth to power, as they say. It is clear that she is an excellent observer and understands what is going on in the world, and so deserves a listen. Note that she does not hesitate to call out the fake Pope for what he truly is:

A Nun calls out the Pope

And now may be a good time for me to warn people of the plan by the 'Evil Ones' behind Biden to unleash another, more potent and deadly virus, upon the people of the United States. This 'Variant' is scheduled for release this Winter, and I understand that it has a fatality rate of 90 percent. This information was recently aired in an interview with a former FBI agent (John De-Sousa), who still has good contacts within the intelligence community. Am secretly hoping that his information is wrong, but I also know enough of these people (the Evil Ones) to know that they are perfectly capable of carrying out such a plan. They have no regard for human life, and are intent in bringing about their Luciferic New Order.

It would appear that their original plan to use the Covid-19 Flu strain to railroad us into a Chinese-style communistic tyranny (based on fear and the vaccines) is not working out as planned. Too many people are resisting the vaccines and preferring to walk off their jobs than to take the jab. People are starting to wake up to the scam, as their co-workers, relatives, and neighbors fall victim to the killshot. So, they are having to resort to 'Plan B' to get the job done. I thought you should have this information so you are mentally and physically prepared when this new virus makes its appearance. Again, am hoping that I, and Mr. De Sousa, are both wrong about all of this. We are dealing with deep evil, folks, whether the new virus shows up or not.