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The Manchurian Candidate . . .

manchurian candidate.jpg

The telephone interview below between this reporter and General Mark Milley probably never took place. At least, there's no recording that I'm aware of . . .

(General Mark Milley) "Okay . . . Okay! You got me. So I might have killed a few Afghan civilians and aid wortkers in a drone strike. Mistakes happen! It wasn't like I was being reckless or anything."

(ASOT) "Well, it was more than a few. Ten, at least. And 7 were kids. The guy on the scooter you were after - he wasn't even a terrorist. He was an aid worker for crissakes!"

(Milley) "Based on the best available intelligence, he was identified as . . . "

(ASOT) "Whose intelligence? The Taleban? They have a kill list of afghan citizens who worked with the west. Did it ever occur to you that you were duped into committing an atrocity to create anti american outrage?"

(Milley) "That's something we definitely need to look into"

(ASOT) "Did you get the real time GPS coordinates of this scooter guy directly from the Taleban, or was it passed through a "neutral" 3rd party source?"

(Milley) "When we know something, you'll know something"

(ASOT) "The American people won't be happy with that. Now, about your January phone calls to the Chinese pentagon, assuring them America had no hostile intent . . . "

(Milley) "CNN says I deserve a medal for that one . . ." (proudly)

(ASOT) "What made you worry that Trump was about to nuke China? Was it something he said?"

(Milley) "Actually, it was something THEY said. China's guy told me their intelligence had concluded Trump was going to attack them. He swore it was true! So I felt it was my duty to disclose our military plans - or lack of them - to the Chinese . . . "

(ASOT) "To the regime that imprisons Uighurs in concentration camps, gives nuke bomb technology to North Korea, mows down students in Tienamen Square, jails Hong Kong newspaper publishers, threatens daily to invade Taiwan, occupies Tibet, destroys Wuhan virus evidence . .. "

(Milley) "When you put it that way, it does sound kind of bad, doesn't it? But in my defense, let me remind you that we hadn't learned about that Wuhan evidence destruction yet. And Tienamen Square is old news . . . "

(ASOT) "Wow, I sure hope this so called Chinese Trump intelligence didn't come from their Islamic terrorist friends. Or that the afghan scooter guy coordinates didn't come from the Chinese military attaches who are now in Kabul . . . "

(Milley) "We promise to look into that. As soon as we know something, you'll know something"

(ASOT) "General Milley, I think if you were a paid communist agent you could do no more harm to America than you're doing now . . . "