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the mentality of my youth


Council Member
I don't really live, I just wait to die, see
why is there so much hate inside me
for you, everything is so safe and lively
for me, all my life I've been straight deprived, G
all I want to do is just take what's mine ev-
-en if it means I need to be debased and slimey
and I've never spit a basic rhyme scheme
but it ain't supplied me
mate, cause' ninety

percent of rappers who make it, lie cheat
and fake their way to the place that I seem
to deserve to be at, way more than any of these snakes, besides greed
there is no other option to escape from my street

but growing up in poverty
I felt there's nothing life could offer me
to foster peace
negativity always plants a stronger seed
so I turned to selling drugs and robbery

arrested three times before I was legal for buyin' shots
i was caught
by the cops

while on the street supplyin' rocks

17 and in jail, and that wasn't the last time
I just wish they caught me that time I made someone flatline
I still feel guilty, man I've literally stabbed guys
It made me see the value of sentient beings that have lives

I made a vow to never kill
and to kill myself if I ever will
to get a real
job, and stop selling drugs for my cheddar, still
keep up with my rhymes but I didn't ever get a deal
now I rap for fun, and to let you know how I feel