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The people's party is forming


That is not a name, it is an objective; a party for the people, by the people, to represent the people.

Wonder where they came up with such a concept?

this is happening this year...

A Movement For A Viable Third Party, A People's Party- Nick Brana
•May 12, 2020


So, why do we need a 3rd party you ask?

good on you, asking that, because I think there's a video that explains it. Jimmy Dore and friends did analysis on a NYTimes journalist interview by Joe Rogan... this is a tad satirical, okay, it is more than a tad, if you know anything about the progressive left, this will be the funniest damn show you ever watched...

NYTimes Journo Melts Down On Joe Rogan's Show
•Feb 4, 2019


Council Member
I think that some Americans are getting fed up with the two mainstream parties and desire change. While many people say that getting a viable third party up and running I think it can be done.

Keeping in mind that Rome wasn't built overnight, with diligence and adopting a platform that pleases enough people, I think you'll have a party that can bring change to America. Just my two cents on the issue.