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There is no such thing as Medicare For All


This fact (edited) was brought out by none other than Presidential Medal Of Freedom winner Maha Rushie!

No such thing as Medicare For All

And, by the way, Medicare for All is not Medicare. This is one of the grandest marketing deceptions in politics. Medicare is a separate thing for people 65 and older. Then there are derivatives in it. You can choose it. You can not be part of it, you can pay cash, you can do whatever you want. Medicare for All is not Medicare for 65 and everybody else.

Medicare for All is single payer. And Medicare today is not single payer. But the Medicare for All that Fauxcahontas and Crazy Bernie are talking about is single payer. And if that day ever happens, here’s what’s gonna happen. Most people will not be able to get health care without going through the government. It’s gonna be rationed, it’s gonna be lackluster, it’s not gonna be the best. And then people that don’t have to, because they can afford it, are gonna have much better hospitals and much better doctors, concierge hospitals, concierge doctors, and they’ll get their credit card out and they’ll pay for their medical care, and it’ll be top flight.

And people that can’t afford that are gonna be stuck in the Medicare for All system, and hello coronavirus and whatever else. This is gonna cost $60 trillion, and it still isn’t gonna work. Sixty trillion dollars? There isn’t $60 trillion printed or in circulation! The Democrats are acting as though there isn’t even the need for money anymore. So Trump’s budget proposal to eliminate $4.4 trillion and put the federal budget on a path to balance is brilliant, I think, and especially as a way of getting some — ’cause there are.

I don't know why the left wing edited here still trust anything to come out of the communist Democratic Party. Obamacare caused health care costs to skyrocket, destroyed a lot of private health plans, raised taxes on the poor, and killed millions of cancer sufferers whose treatments were being paid by cancer policies that the edited outlawed.

Anybody who votes for Bernie Sanders (a communist who never held a job in his life, got rich off the government and never sponsored a single bill in Congress in his career) is a edited moron.

Those are the facts.
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