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This content too dangerous for children to play with.

I'll email you the text if you can prove you're a patriot... not a disgruntled one like me.
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Okay, okay then...

Re: What the CCP should do.

Thanks to Carter (a world renowned Dim) Taiwan has been set adrift by the international order of democracies for many decades now. The result is that Taiwan is a limbo state that has been wholly gifted to the CCP, they just need to collect it. Now with the world's largest navy the CCP only need to blockade what the world has long held to rightfully belong to the CCP. No ship enters or leaves Taiwan without first hitting a Chinese port legally, and by the facts in the water, can be enforced. What is the U.S. Navy going to do? Escort all ships into and out of Taiwan? The Taiwan that Democrats hosed over... I mean handed over to the CCP decades ago?

Not only that all flights going to or from Taiwan could be forced to first land in a Chinese airport. Thus blockaded it would only be a matter of time before Biden allowed Taiwan to capitulate to the CCP. Biden is a weak, covid-vaccine-addled, old man and this is now the best time for the CCP to take what it wants from their kompromat 'ed Biden.


What the U.S. should do but won't.... bomb all the semi-conductor plants when the inevitable happens.

Now the questions are... Do you think Gen. Milley has gamed this out? What are his plans? Did he call the CCP and tell them?
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AND then little boys and girls....

The U.S. should be setting up industrial sabotage software within TSMC to take out the ASML Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography equipment. Taiwan nationals of semi-conductor prowess should be offered an escape route for when the CCP capture Taiwan.
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The whole point of the 9 dash line claiming the South China Sea is about taking Taiwan back by blockade if need be.

What are Biden, Austin, and Milley, the three weakest links the CCP could hope for, going to do about it? Any ideas?
For my whole life the world has been a true nightmare and only hindsight has clarified foresight. The horror of it is that humans during a deadly pandemic have ignored their God. I don't think the numbers needed are kneeling in prayer often enough as I myself haven't. God fearing Christians are needed in number at this time.