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This Program Needs Improved/Abolished

Ex-congressman Jackson is eligible to receive $8,700 dollars per month in disability pay due to his bipolar condition and could receive a partial federal pension of $45,000 per year once he reaches 65.
While on the city council, Sandi Jackson had automatic pension contributions of more than $50,000 withdrawn from her pay, even though she chose not to be a member of the city pension fund.
This pisses me off, these two clown get a lavish pension and disability for despite their criminal activities and my son can hardly make ends meet on Social security and medicare after a brain injury suffered as a result of a mugging. It just isn't right.

I lived in that stink hole they call the nations capital to long, I don't want to go back. What needs to be done is to require that no one in government receive a pension unless they have worked at least 20 years or more in public service. Next no one receives disability or retirement payments if imprisoned due to crimes committed while in office.

The first one they should start with is Charlie Rangel, I see he is in another scandal with his taxes.