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Threatening to shatter the already fragile architecture of the Democratic Party


Ending Racism with or without Hillary
As Trump Consolidates Power, Democrats Confront a Rebellion in Their Ranks
WASHINGTON — The pitched battle looming over the Supreme Court, along with a jolt to the Democratic leadership at the ballot box last Tuesday, is threatening to shatter the already fragile architecture of the Democratic Party, as an activist rebellion on the left and a lurch to the right in Washington propels the party toward a moment of extraordinary conflict and forced reinvention.

For Democrats, the transformation could prove as consequential as President Trump’s consolidation of power in his own party and the conservative movement’s tightening grip on the federal government.

I hope that liberals will read this complete article. I think it is valuable for you to really understand where you party has taken you. I will quote from the article below and ask that you take this to heart.

At least one veteran Democrat has gotten the message: Mr. Capuano. Last week, in the aftermath of Mr. Crowley’s loss, the Massachusetts lawmaker began circulating a memo highlighting his differences with his soon-to-be-former colleague. “Capuano Is a Strong, Proud Progressive,” the memo reads. “Crowley Is a Moderate.”

The call for violence ala Maxine Waters, and here the call to be more radical left is the best idea we heard from you guys. Now let me say that as you know I did not support slavery and segregation so I am not a democratic, nor do I swing to the left and try to use people, like the LGBT for political gain, And as much as you lefties hate free speech, the constitution, and losing your slaves, if you continue to minoritize yourselves even more, your party will soon disintegrate.