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tommy tooter


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well hey! that's me! i already know that i'm fat, ugly, unkempt and wear strange clothes. nobody needs to remind me. ;)


the first slice on the new stone saw


jamming with the flying balalaika brothers at SXSW

my roommate's son felix writing 'i will not bite' 25 times

this is me captured in a really centered, focused and contented moment.

the heavily armed guerrilla artist working the crowd at eeyore's birthday party (austin, tx) with his weapons of mass distraction

an opal dog. more of my stone work can be viewed at:






I see a man using the most natural elements in life, hands working, lungs adding musical scents to the air, a joy in the secrets of the earth.

Unkempt? hardly, these photos are of a beautiful human being,

Be blessed!



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I like the art on the kitchen walls. All original...clearly.

Did you buy that beanie in Jamaica?


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I like the art on the kitchen walls. All original...clearly.

Did you buy that beanie in Jamaica?
my parents brought it back from kingston for me. it's not exactly my colors and gets more attention than i like. it's too hot here to wear it right now, so i'm looking more redneck with a ballcap and a closer shave at the moment.

the art belongs to my roommates, kris krass and katzen hobbes. you can check them out on facebook. she's in the guinness book and is a prominent tattoo artist. he's a stage hand and side show artist. there are some pictures of them both shoving spikes up their noses on their facebook pages and he dances on glass. i met them through occupy austin last october and moved in this past february.

my facebook friends list is a gateway into the rainbow family, the occupy movement and what's left of the old guard activists, the indie music and arts festival scene and i'm a member of an interesting group of christians, moslems and jews discussing how to bring peace to the ancestral lands (i'm calling it that to avoid calling it palestine or israel).


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i'm not very big and i've struggled to keep my weight down all my life. put me behind a desk for more than a few hours a day and i blow up like a balloon. i hit 250 about two years ago when my housing situation got touchy and i was eating a lot of junk food.

right now, i'm 5'8" , 190. i'm more comfortable with myself at about 160.