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Total housing value is barely more than national debt


That is wonder all the high leveraging global money lenders are singing gloom! The REAL collateral is vanishing as they watch and they understand that there's nothing else to back it up...except perhaps for whole chunks of American sovereign geography!Add to that the fact that the American real market has a really bad habit of overstating intrinsic valuation and the Crisis becomes Uber trouble!



Council Member
Well, that's only the tip of the iceberg.

The county thinks my house is a freaking mansion. The county's appraised value is way above what I can sell it for. Ditto for many houses around here and in other markets I would think. So, maybe homes are worth about the same as the national debt.

Then, when Trump deports those 11 million people and homes / apartments begin to lay empty, housing will depreciate and we'll be where all those people who hock their cars to title loans are - upside down.