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Trump/Rudy cronies from Russia and Ukraine: “We are taking over the country!”

Bugsy McGurk

The country being the USA. Yep. That’s what they texted to each other back when Trump and Rudy were calling the shots.

And after they burrowed into the Florida/DeSantis orbit, they said “Today Florida became ours forever!”

All being revealed in the trial of Trump/Rudy cronies, including Lev Parnas, where they are accused of illegally funneling foreign money into American political campaigns.

As the Trump rabble cheers in support of their cult leader/attempted coup mastermind Trump…



Supporting Member
It means they had Trump in their pocket. Duh.

I should charge you for explaining things to you.
Dumcollie actually went grave to grave to ask all those dead people who they voted for...
There is all the proof needed...not one single dead person voted for Trump.


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Isn't that also when Mitch McConnell earned the moniker Moscow Mitch?

And how many times has Speaker Pelosi said, "All roads lead to Russia?"