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United Nations finally wins one – defeats Hells Angels in street brawl . .


Photo Above - Hell's Angels hired by promoters to provide security at Altamont
Not Shown - Hell's Angles getting their asses kicked by a Canadian gang

Inside violent 'woke' gang that defeated 'whites-only' Hells Angels in bloody brawl - Daily Star

A direct quote from the news article linked above: “United Nations do all sorts of bad things, but they can never be racist and discriminative . . .”

WTH??? Or “Hooray!!”, I guess, depending on your perspective. UN haters are probably rejoicing at this accusation. Not just the Yahoos on the right who view the UN as a hotbed of communist sympathizers. Also leftists who accuse the UN of being a tool of capitalism and colonial oppression.

Unfortunately, the “United Nations” in the link is NOT eponymously named/do nothing organization formed 70 years ago to prevent all future wars. THIS United Nations is actually a criminal gang (in Canada!!) whose mission is facilitating narcotics sales, human trafficking, and street violence – but not in any “racist” way.

Does this sound appealing to you? Evidently all you need to join are tats, a shaved head, and a penis. There doesn't appear to be a ladies' auxiliary division. So they can't be THAT woke, can they?

But I totally get their sexism. Womens' dedication to gang causes has always been suspect. Lucrative activities like forced prostitution, recruiting 10 year old kids as drug mules, and jousting on Harley Davidson motorcycles while swinging bike chains overhead. The United Nations Gang of Canada (trademark pending, I imagine) at least dodges the scourge of racism, and that's a good thing, no? Nobody wants to buy meth or time with a 14 year old runaway if it's going to enrich a racist gang! Shop for your vices responsibly, and sustainably!

The USA – which did not invent gangs or automobile, but popularized them for the masses – has apparently missed an opportunity here. America has (as of 2022) over 30,000 gangs. Diversity already abounds, you might have thought. We have everything from the “Almighty Black P Stone Nation” to the “Cornbread Mafia” to the “Zetas”. And don't forget the big three – Aryan Nation, Crips, and Medellin Cartel.

But NONE of these are sufficiently racially tolerant, it seems. Not that the “real” UN is either, for that matter . . .

To establish their bona-fides, the United Nations (of Canada) gang fought an actual “war” with the Hell's Angels. And the hosers totally WON!!

But it wasn't the real Hell's Angels though. Just the Canadian Hells Angels subsidiary.

Just asking – do we REALLY have 30,000 gangs in the USA? Why don't our presidents ever mention this, or vow to take action while campaigning in an election year? After this Ukraine war thing is over, can we hire Ukranian troops as a “peacekeeping force” in our major cities? If Ukranian jarheads can wipe out Putin's “Wagner Group” then taking out America's Aryan Nation (apparently a Wagner Group affiliate) should be on the table, right?