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US turmoil: 25% wackos vs 75% normals


Turn Back Better
25% make a lot of noise as they shout their anti-science, anti-mask, anti-vax positions, but the 75% embrace science and know better.

25% still believe Trump's Big Lie that he won the election when he did not. They make a lot of noise as they insist the Jan 6 insurrections are, as Putin advised, "political prisoners." And while making all that noise, they continue to threaten violence all around. The 75% know the truth that Biden won fair and square and that we have rightwing domestic terrorists among us.

I could go on with examples, but do you agree or disagree with my percentages or would change them in any way?
Do you have any proof of your puke?


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Yikes, Reiner puts it at 30-70.

Rob Reiner

30% of Americans don’t believe in vaccines, mask wearing, global warming, equal access to the ballot box. 30% of Americans think it’s ok to use deadly force to overthrow the government. 30% of Americans support Donald Trump. 30% of Americans have their heads up their asses.

7:54 PM · Sep 15, 2021·


I saw how you did a subliminal steal there. Like you can just move into my zombieland when its mine for a day or two. Wait your turn.
Okay, then.

They are Trollocs.

Not quite animal but not really human either.

Trolloc by toksaart

Just foot soldiers for their dark lord.