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Vaccination without true consent...


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... is rape.

It begs the question as to the state of mind of the vaccine mandaters - are they rapists by nature?

Setting aside all the medical facts, why are RINO's and Democrats the predominant voices for forced vaccination for people of free will and informed consent?

P.S. I think there is a 15% chance that in 9 months to 9 years down the road 20% of the vaccinated will either become dementia addled or their internal organ(s) will be failing. Each booster shot will add a 7.5% chance to that initial probability. Good luck to the herd animals that rounded themselves up. You should have listened to the feral voice in your head telling you to beware.
It could be that in 9 months to 9 years the people who applied their informed consent and free will to getting vaccinated are the only ones left.
I'll say it clearly. Biden's Covid vaccine mandates are a story of mass rape.

The insemination of a foreign biological material into one's body against that person's will is rape.
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