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We're all gonna die! It hasn't snowed in NYC for 11 months . . .


Photo above - NYC residents dig out from 2 feet of snow in 2016
Not shown - no snow yet in NYC during 2023

Wow . . . you know Global Warming is a real thing when it doesn't snow in NYC, right?

The City that Never Sleeps (or collects its trash) is on track to break a 50 year old record for “latest snowfall”. That would be 1972. Didn't snow that year until the end of January. So that PROVES that global warming not only exists now, but was also happening in 1972, right?

Maybe. But climate alarmists are keeping mum about New York's snowless year in 1870. That's 150 years ago. Evidently Global Warming was already well under way back then. Probably due to horse manure. People had some pretty big ass horses back then. If you had a Percheron or Clydesdale parked in your barn, it probably got only half the miles per bale of hay as one of the little European ponies.

I tried to reach out NASA's biggest Global Warming fanboy for answers - Dr. James (Hurricane) Hansen. And I found out he no longer works there. He's now a professor at Columbia University. Presumably adding to their trash and carbon emissions problem. In any case, Hansen's agent says he is “no longer doing climate change interviews”. Even though he teaches a course on this at Columbia. This sounds eerily like the crazy professor at SOME OTHER university last week, who threated to fail every student who followed him on social media, or wrote anything about him on online. (The university told him this was illegal, and they'd fire him if he tried it).

So Hanson's not taking any questions. Thats okay – neither is Biden, and Hansen is actually older (he's 81) and probably ALSO needs a teleprompter and a “minder” to deliver his course material. But that's not going to stop me from asking the questions which I WOULD have if he wasn't spending most of the day napping like President Biden.
  1. Dr. Hansen – in 1985 you predicted that by now the polar ice caps would be completely gone and NYC would be 6 feet deep in water. Obviously it's not, since you're teaching there without wearing life jacket. What went wrong? Or should I say “right”?
  2. Why did it almosg fail to snow in NYC dozens of times since 1870? And possibly before 1870, when they started to keep detailed records?
  3. Is it true that planet earth does not normally have polar ice caps? That for almost the entire history of planet the north pole and south pole have been snow free? And that the current ice caps reached their maximum 20,000 years ago, and have been melting/receding continually ever since?
  4. Congrats on NASA's martian rover, and it's sophisticated helicopter, which just made it's 40th flight. Were any of those flights over the MARTIAN north pole, to see why THAT polar ice is also melting?
  5. Is it true that our Sun's solar radiation “increased dramatically” during the 20th century? That we are getting about 1,400 watts of energy per square meter daily? (think countertop microwave oven); And that scientists “all agree” that solar output is irreversibly increasing, and that in a billion years our Sun will have grown into a “red giant”, so large that the earth will be swallowed up completely inside it?

These are hard questions, I know.

I totally get it that there are too many Ford 150's in people's driveways. But if anyone believes that buying a Tesla, or going “vegan” is going to stop the ice caps from continuing to melt, they are a moron.

Back to you, haters.
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Looks like we’re finally ready to move on from “cow farts” to “white farts”. I blame the coonasses and their steady diet of red beans & rice…
Get MrMike back in here, dangit!
Agree 100%