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What was Trump doing for three hours?

As I pointed out before, the far right has a plan that they will never deviate from- even when shown facts.

And the left doesn't? LOL. Y'all still think Biden is doing a good job.


Nope. Polls in October 2016 showed the race to be very close to the actual count of votes.
Trump lost by 3 million votes.

Pollsters set a target of x% of repubs, dems and independents....they will continue to poll until they get the counts to match the projection of numbers of likely or registered voters.

The polls showed Biden winning almost from the day he announced.

Poll: Biden leads Trump by 13 percentage points nationally in head-to-head matchup
According to a new national Quinnipiac poll, Biden holds a 13 percentage-point lead over Trump, 53% to 40%. In the Democratic primary race, Biden is currently the front-runner, with 30% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters surveyed in the poll saying they would vote for Biden.
"votes" ? Now tell us about AMERICAN votes.

Polls primarily are a Democrats thing. They measure what Democrats say.

That link confirms what I just said. Ho hum.


one way to avoid actually thinking about what Trump was doing while his mob is trashing the Capitol...pretend he was distracted and not actually paying attention to protecting congress or stopping the violence.
He told them to go home. And that was after he told them to PEACEFULLY make their VOICES heard. Your posts are as laughable as the Jan 6 Soviet group.