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When China Attacks Taiwan, Biden Will Do Nothing

If anybody thinks that Joe Biden (running dog of the CCP) will do anything to stop China from taking over Taiwan, they must have rocks in their head. Wimp, weakling Biden wouldn't even stop the Taliban in Afghanistan. He abandoned hundreds of Americans and left them to die, while handing over tens of billions$$ of US military equipment to the terrorist barbarians. About the only thing he actually did with Afghanistan was bring 120,000 Afghans to the US, whom he sees as new VOTES for him. I don't believe any Americans were evacuated (whom Biden probably sees as mostly Republican voters).

And now he's going to take action to stop China, who's paying him to shut up ? Not hardly. If anything, Biden may act to facilitate the takeover. Unfortunately for the Taiwanese, with Trump no longer president, and Biden in the White House, the US in no longer a good place for the Taiwanese to escape to. It would be like going from the frying pan, to another frying pan (at least for a while).

If any Taiwanese do consider coming to the US as legitimate refugees, they can probably forget that idea. The US border wide open to migrants whom Biden sees as VOTES for him, would probably be closed, tightly shut to the Taiwanese, whom Biden would probably see as votes for Republicans.

Just as unwelcome as the Cubans (likely Republican voters), Biden would do everything he could to stop them from coming in here. If anybody hasn't gotten all this focused yet. Biden is not actually President of the United States. Biden is the President of the Biden family, and everything he does is for that benefit. alone. Biden seems to have 2 things focused > MONEY and VOTES.