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When You Have Two Horrible Options...


Sure thing. Except that DeSantis' crap about CRT or "Woke" stupidity puts him in the mold of those who stir the pot. Firing a state health administrator for releasing truthful information about the Covid epidemic or allocating vaccine to wealthy white areas, exluding others, should help make everyone understand just what this guy stands for.
Eye of the beholder. If the Democrats hate him, all the better for the GOP, and vice-versa.

Time will tell.


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I would assume most do.
When I worked on the campaign for a candidate for governor what I found was that the numbers broke down to about 2/3rds of those registered to either party could be counted on to vote their party. The mystery is now that so many have re-registered as independents, how will they vote.

PS. My experience was in the 90s. In 2012 the election came down to Obama and Romney.

92% of dems who voted were for Obama and 93% of republicans who voted were for Romney. 45% of independents voted for Obama.

What I am not sure of is turnout.
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Are you on record here in firm, adamant rejection of any sitting Democrat president (eligible to run again)? Doesn’t seem so.

I tend to dislike ‘em all (from the two major parties). All of them are bad, most of them are quite unserious and would be laughed out of the executive suite.