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Where are all the keyboard badazzes - hopefully at the Capitol Saturday to show their toughness

sensible don

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They are saying maybe 300 keyboard badazzes only at the Saturday Insurrection 2.0 - WTF - Hell all these keyboard heroes brag of doing this or that, prying a gun from my cold, dead hands and all the rambo type crap they spew yet will they all be hiding in the basement when given the national stage. This is so ridiculous all the pre-cautions they are taking for a handful of treasonous losers. Real simple, they breach the fence shoot them dead just like you badazzes claim will happen to an intruder at your home - right - same thing only a federal building involved and not a 3 bdm ranch in suburbia. Love the guy with the bayonet - like they will let him get close enough to stab someone.........dumbfvcks unite !

Let's go, what right winger on here is going , go ______________________________________________ will we see yet another case of sheer cowardice ? Who will fire the first shot and release the sheer armament power of the police and national guard ?

Congressional leaders and top security officials say the U.S. Capitol will be well-prepared for a far-right rally expected for the area on Saturday, including plans to reinstall perimeter fencing that was up for months after the Jan. 6 insurrection.

This weekend's rally will present law enforcement officials with the first large-scale security test to the Capitol since the attack on the complex by a pro-Trump mob.

On Saturday, right-wing demonstrators plan to protest the ongoing criminal cases tied to individuals charged after the deadly riot. The weekend rally has drawn the attention of far-right extremist groups, The Associated Press has reported.

Capitol Police Arrest A Man With A Bayonet And Machete Near DNC Headquarters
Capitol Police Arrest A Man With A Bayonet And Machete Near DNC Headquarters
Monday's vote of confidence in Capitol security plans came following a security briefing for the top Democratic and Republican leaders in each chamber by Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger and House Sergeant-at-Arms William Walker. Both Manger and Walker were installed in their posts after their predecessors were forced to resign following the Jan. 6 attack.

"They seem very, very well-prepared, much better prepared than before Jan. 6," Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said. "And I think they are ready for whatever might happen."