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Who's Controlling the Checkpoints for Afghanistan Evacuations ?

In a press conference televised today, High ranking members of the Biden Defense Dept, said that both Americans and Afghans are being evacuated and flown to the United States.

According to Stephen Miller, former advisor to President Trump, it is now impossible to vet Afghans coming to the United States, because the Taliban now control all the data and information regarding Afghans, and identification of them simply cannot be done.

In a few cases, some Afghans can be verified by US military who worked personally with them (as interpreters for example), but there are thousands of Afghans who wish to evacuate, but can't be identified or vetted.

Can it be consistent with US national security to allow thousands of unvetted Afghans into the US ? Not hardly. Is it people who worked in the Ghani government, or who helped the US military who are getting into the airport ? According also to Stephen Miller, no, it is the Taliban who is controlling the checkpoints for airport evacuation. And who is being let through by the Taliban ? Miller says it is people who are friendly to the Taliban, if not Taliban members themselves (who could come here and engage in terrorism).

All in all, this situation appears to be too chaotic, to have a system that allows unvetted Afghans to come to the US. Is this opening the door to massive levels of terrorism here at home ?