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Why Don't Palestinians Have a Voice in the West?

Lance Freeman

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Folks, I have made this statement time and again on this and other forums: America will never be free until the Israelite stranglehold on this nation is broken. It will never be free until it breaks with the Sabbatean/Israelite god Lucifer, who has now completely usurped the Christian world and made it his own. The Palestinians have paid the ultimate price for America's betrayal of its own founding principles, and its embrace of the Babylonian Serpent Cult, which passes itself off as Jewish. Please watch the video below to fully understand what I mean, and why Israelite 'hasbara' agents are to be found on every public platform, including PJ, muddying the water and blowing smoke, so that no curious American, on any public platform, can learn the truth of what is really happening in the Middle East:

Yes, folks, these agents are quite accomplished in what they do, and it takes a keen eye to flesh them out, as they are very good at camouflage. As the video clearly shows, the Palestinian people can never have a voice in the Christian West, and will always be, in the eyes of the American people, the Terrorist aggressor, who stupidly fire missiles into Israel every few months---to show their contempt for Jews, and the world. And that is why they deserve to have their properties stolen.

Lance's note: I will ask you not to pay too much attention to the negative comments, which appear below the video. Some American viewers, understandably, do not fully comprehend the dynamic that exists between certain sects of Jews, who follow the traditional Torah teachings (like the Haredi Jews, who oppose Zionism), and the radical 'supremacist' Jews of the Zionist Movement, who are mainly Cabbalists and Talmudists. It would be a mistake to lump them all together.
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Lance Freeman

Council Member
According to the video I posted, the Internet encyclopedia, Wikipedia, is riddled with Israelite misinformation and disinformation, and cannot be trusted as a reliable resource. That makes it a considerable handicap to Americans, and anyone else around the world, who depend on Wikipedia as a quick reference guide. It represents a major 'coup' for the Zionists in their campaign to put a stranglehold on information.

So, to anyone who approaches Wikipedia for information: Caveat Emptor (Buyer beware). If you do not have the 'savvy' to recognize deliberate manipulation in the material you read, when it appears, you are screwed.