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Why hasn't the GOP House investigated the stolen 2020 election ?


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Wait, what? You have no idea what he does for a living but you do know that he has never seen a queer? LOL!

Tell him to go to the mall...or the library...or take a walk downtown.

Yeah, no kids get talked into sending naked photos of themselves to perverts, or taking pills that have fentanyl in them, or kill themselves with dangerous driving, because they never do something stupid just to fit in. Talk about bullsh*t...

LOL! What/ There are literally ZERO teachers telling their students "America, love it or leave it." What are you on?

There is nothing wrong with teaching the "truth." You know, like that masks don't work, or that Ukraine is losing the war we have them fighting on our behalf, or that the US government is almost quite literally bankrupt...but you seem fixated on "teaching" them again and again about the "Tulsa Massacre" like they are going to school on groundhog day.

Of course we should teach about the mistakes our leaders have made - like treating covid like it was randomly killing perfectly healthy people, or embracing a "green agenda" that is worse for the planet than burning fossil fuels, or that engaging in proxy wars and opening the border has bankrupted the country.

The problem here is that you think only Republicans make "mistakes."
He is a hard core right winger and would have certainly told me about having to talk to a transgendered or gay person. Instead he just rants on, just as you do....usually about liberals.

1. Kids are being talked into sending naked pictures by teachers? No kidding. Where are the parents that kids have unsupervised access to the internet or cell phones?

2. You think it is truth that masks don't work? Well, given your extensive medical skills..sure should be able to shout from the roof tops that they don't work and vaccines kill people... Seems you think every idiot with a keyboard should be able to offer medical advice. My friend's sister died from covid, all because she took advice from someone like you. She was perfectly healthy right up until she got covid from her perfectly healthy grandson who got it at kindergarten. No was a church run kindergarten that advertised their resistance to government control.

3. Ukraine is fighting for themselves. They are fighting to take back territory taken by the Russians and to free their own citizens in Donbas and Crimea.

4. The issue of deficit spending and national debt should certainly be taught in both history and civics class.

5. The history of the US certainly does include slavery and the KKK.


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WWII does not equal the "Tulsa Massacre." Besides, I'm okay with not teaching WWII - the "approved" (progressive) version of that history is that it was inevitable (which, of course) supports the "forever war" agenda. Maybe if we stopped teaching about the glory of war, we'd stop constantly waging it. let's not teach kids that slavery existed in our nation....and we won't teach about any of America's wars, nothing about the depression...cuz that is such old news....

So we can have them memorize the names of the presidents...and what else?

Did you forget that history is about what happened yesterday? I have had good and bad history teachers. The worst was when the gym teacher and football coach also taught history in a catholic high school. He sucked. Slides with dates that things happened and nothing more.

The best linked several subjects....what caused war and how each war brought the next one. He taught us about imperialism and the intersection of various ideologies. He taught us the lessons that should be taken from each period.

WWI caused WWII. WWII caused the Korean war. You think those wars happened to fund the industries making weapons?