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Why is the West arming the Ukraine?


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Why is the US and the EU either directly arming or lending/granting money to the Ukraine for weapons?

The Ukraine inherited over 30% of the former USSR's weapons research and production facilities,in addition, many of those working in these places remained in Ukraine at independence.

The Ukraine government owns or controls all weapons production. in 2012, the Ukr. military and law enforcement agencies only accounted for 30% of the output of these factories-meaning 70% was exported. Much of this went to Russia.

In 2014, at the time of the Crimean takeover, Ukr ranked number 11 internationally for weapons exports. This, at a time when the Ukr military was incapable (even if it had the will) to field no more then about 1 army brigade to deploy to counter any further Russian threat.

That's about 5000 soldiers with equipment.

So, clearly, national defense has never been the Ukraine's strong point.

But there is simply no reason for this to continue. As of 2018, Ukraine is still exporting arms and is at #12.

So why is the US and the EU either 'gifting ' weapons and systems and granting/loaning billions of dollars for defense?

The govt already owns the means of production and they have also been taking in the profits from exports-exports which have not stopped at all since the war began.

So, if the nation is under such a dire threat as it says it is-and our "news" media so dutifully reports-- from Russian invasion, why do they not stop exports completely and use all of their products for their uses? If they did, with their domestic production and our contributions (combined with a great increase in numbers of troops and western military training instructors) then all Russian troops (who were incidentally just called "Russian backed rebels" prior to 2017) could be expelled from the nation by now.

As it is, we are giving them large sums of money, while they are making money from their arms sales. What exactly are they doing with all of this money? At the least all of their soldiers should be fully equipped and have standardized uniforms and boots!!

Is this yet more corruption and mismanagement?

In the links below you can see the data as well as articles on two very important weapons systems that would be of great use in this war. One is on the OPLOT tank, one of the best tanks in the world. Most of the tanks produced are being sent to places like Thailand.

The other is a domestically produced counter artillery battery radar. Ours have been gifted in large numbers in various sizes and capabilities. The one they make is comparable to out best. yet we are still sending them ore of ours for free, while they make money by selling theirs

Now, you will see where it is noted that some of the gear is indeed going to their army, but not in quantities needed to actually win the war.

And, western arms companies are not making that much money. The 'gifted weapons and systems from the West are largely being transferred from US and NATO, they are already paid for. They are not being replaced by the US military, as units have been drawing down and reducing personnel and gear since the end of our Iraq involvement.

So why?
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the unaffordable tank and the mystery tank solution:


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really? no one has an opinion? so you are all cool with it then?

maybe it was too much to read?

i'll put it like this- I am sure someone will critique my analogy but whatev's:

arming Ukraine/giving them money to buy arms is much like the govt giving food stamps to a family without doing a means test

all the while every one knows the family has the means to feed itself

then the family sells the food they bought with FS's at a profit