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Will a general be calling China regarding Biden's cognitive decline?


A stupid attempt to distract. The fact is that those seeking to attribute “Trump insanity
ought not EXEMPLIFY it. You lunatics choose Trump’s image for avatar and threadjack all posts to convert them to “Trump-as-subject”.

If lefty were not a nutcase, he’d shut the he** up on the subject. But, alas, lefty is who and what he is. As always - lefty does precisely what he laments in others.
When Trump no longer leads the GOP, I will change my avatar.

But as of now he is the head of the snake.
Your bunch is the tail.

Let me know when you folks pick another, and I will pick them too.
Because as it stands now, you folks on the deplorable side will make him your nominee unless those on the sane side can save this nation by putting his ass in prison first.
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