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Will the Republicans win back the House in 2022?

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Religion is a badge of dishonesty in my book, if I see a contractor using a bible verse or a cross on their biz card I toss it away immediately. In all my years, they were the most crooked companies I had hired. If you have to flaunt your religion then you really can't be a humble servant can you..........does the bible tell you to use religion as a weapon to win a discussion on a message board - yeah ok
It most assuredly is. xtians act so persecuted while telling Democrats to pull themselves up by their bootstrings. Hypocrisy used without any self reflection.

A bunch of whiny babies using religion as their scapegoat.

God of War

Lets go Brandon!
So how do you exist with all the hatred and avoidance? Hey you know liberals make the food you eat, grow the food, process the food,
Democrats are not liberals they are only liberals when it comes to deviancy. And per usual they absconded with a decent word in the dictionary that is the inheritance of the conservativism of American extraction

stock the shelves, drive the trucks, are police, fire and emt workers. Are doctors, nurses, judges, lawyers, bankers, etc, etc. So do you live in a concrete bunker eating k rations ?
So you take ownership of everything? Shelf stockers, truckers, policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses, judges, lawyers, bankers, etc, etc., You sound just like a Democrat slave owner of the old South.

God of War

Lets go Brandon!
I'd like to think that there are enough sane Republicans- in all states- that will quell the likely-hood of threats like this.

Notice the all caps?
I'm satisfied that you've read the all caps. But clearly your reading comprehension of said text fell short.