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Winning! Again. Lefties: That bastard!

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But China's top trade negotiator began Monday by saying that the country "strongly opposes" the escalation of the trade war.
"We believe the trade war escalation is bad for China, bad for the United States and bad for the interest of the people in the world," said Chinese Vice Premier Liu He at a conference in Chongqing, China. "We are willing to use a calm attitude to solve problems by negotiations and cooperation."
That's a head fake.


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I could explain it to you, but nah. You’re old enough to figure it out for yourself.

Or at least you could, if only you wanted to...
Come on Barbella explain your statement. Trump is claiming he’s had many calls overnight from China. There are no records of any overnight calls from China. Well see who’s lying but with Loud Mouths track record on lying I’d bet it’s him. You make all these brash statements about what happened at the G7 and how GREAT Trump did so I’d guess you must be tuned in to Fox and Hannity again. The POS wouldn’t even attend the Environmwn meeting. The rest were there. An empty chair for an empty headed President trump. Even though climate change is a FACT
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