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WTH !!?? Yangbangers now backing Trump?

That's according to a New York Post article yesterday.

When I saw the headline I thought it was bullshit. Just like virtually everything about the election reported by the press. But the NYP makes a slightly persuasive case

1. Half of the Yang Gang arent democrats

2. That half apparently also arent: socialists, anarchists, pot heads, welfare recipients, or "politics of transgender identification" warriors either.

Okay, but of those Yangbangers who ARENT brain dead and defaulting to Sanders, why Trump as opposed to Klobuchar ,Bloomberg or Smith and Jones?
This, of course presumes that oprah suddenly doesn't jump in. Or Michelle Obama. Or Mitt Romney's dog groomer.

Who are Biden's limousine liberals going to defect to when he gives it up? Bernie Sanders' 107 year old "steam entrepreneur" grandfather?

If Yang is trying to steer his gang towards another democrat, its not apparent from his comments to the press. Yangs direct quote after dropping out:

"I cant believe I got beat by those guys."

Yep. And we cant believe they're still in the race, with their insane pandering about Medicare for all, wiping out every student loan, tax rates as high as 99%, legalizing all narcotics(including crack and crystal meth) unlimited MS13 gang immigration, etc.

The media is as unserious about america as the candidates. It's all clickbait and ad revenues, folks.