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You know what went away after two years?

I gave you the book name already. Do you have that book? If not, there's no point citing the chapter and page, is there? If you do have it, though, I can share the chapter info... but in exchange I want a promise, in advance, that when you confirm that I have, in fact, quoted her honestly, you will admit your error. Deal?
Chapter and page please.


Disproving the Mutation $care $tory, Which Epidemiologi$t$ Have Been Propagandizing About for Decades

If evolving into an aggressive fatal disease was that virus's best hope of survival, why don't all the other flu viruses we are afflicted with every year mutate into mass killers?
For some fake reason, only this one believed that the best defense is a good offense.
1. I never claimed that was the case. However, enlarging the pool of people who could be infected is obviously desirable from the standpoint of reproduction.
2. Coronaviruses are not in fact flu viruses.
3. Flu has killed many but not as many in recent decades as Covid-19.
As you know, I do have it, or I wouldn't have made that offer. That's why you're unwilling to accept the offer.... you know you wouldn't be calling a bluff, but rather painting yourself into a corner. And anyone else reading this thread realizes that, too.
Your bluff has been called.