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Your $'s at work. NSF Spends $82,525 to Study Self-Defense by Millipedes


King (Just like Trump)
The National Science Foundation spent $82,525 on a one-year grant to study on the self-defense of bioluminescent millipedes.

“Animals use myriad strategies to avoid predation -- camouflage, spines, and toxins are among a few. Animals that are toxic, inedible, or otherwise noxious often advertise this by a warning signal, for example the yellow and black stripes of a yellowjacket or the rattle of a snake,” the award abstract said.

“Bioluminescent millipedes, known only from California, are defended with cyanide and their green-blue glow is hypothesized to be a nocturnal warning signal,” the award abstract added.

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Bugsy McGurk

As we enjoy the benefits of scientific research on a daily basis, in more way than we can count, let us rejoice that snickering Republican morons could not stand in the way of that research.