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Anything to say about this, liberals?


Small l libertarian
I post Trump's tweets. They are HIS TWEETS...from his tiny little fingers at any hour of the day or night...posted on Twitter. WTH makes you think they are FAKE??
Because you don't stop there, you then keep going and saying more things he didn't say.

BTW, I'm worried about this Trump obsession you have. Do you ever think about anything else?

Deleted member 21794

Are you saying Trump might have been LYING?? After all, he did claim that he grabbed them there. Why would you doubt anything Saint Trump says or does??
What's wrong with grabbing women by the pussy?
Bet it's gonna be quiet!!


Women are upset at Trump’s naughty words -- they also bought 80 million copies of 50 Shades of Gray...
The false equivalence here is gob smacking,

Women liking read porn = sexual assault

is too stupid.

This is the most worthless OP I've read this month
You think wrong.
#1...the GREAT POST was a fake. Posted on FB (and probably other sites) to dupe people into thinking that the comedian, Tim Allen, wrote it. All the poster had to do was check out this BS before posting it, but then I guess that's expecting too much from a Trump supporter.
MAGA Nationalist are incredibly gullible people, they don't even realize how gullible they are.

No wonder they're suckers for people like Trump

Deleted member 21794

Ask any woman you know if they'd be ok with some fat f*ck walking up and grabbing them by the crotch. Let me know what your wife or daughter has to say.
How do you know "grab 'em by the pussy" wasn't consensual?