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In school I had a friend becoming an MD and we were discussing....

Discussion in 'Latest Political News and Current Events' started by resident_evil, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. resident_evil

    resident_evil Senator

    Aug 19, 2013
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    ... health care and Hillary Clinton's ideas on the matter at a house party.

    He asked my opinion and I told him medicine was going to become socialized sooner or later. I told him why. He got mad. I told him make your money and be your own man while you can and then get out if it gets too bad and they tried to make him do what they wanted with his life.

    I don't think being free is going to be an option when the socialist Democrats finally steal the country. With Google , Apple, Facebook, Amazon , 5G , AI, the internet of things, gun grabbing and the socialist Democrats penchant for regulation and big government... humanity's free will will not exist. Already you have no freedom of conscience for who to bake a cake for. The only hope for humanity is Gen Z and what they decide it means to be human.
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