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  • that last infraction you gave me was silly. i was in crossfire and called NO ONE out. remove me from the forum. no point in being there if you are going to make rulings like that.
    Ummm, Dave what is up with my PM???

    I only have sent Gabe three because I knew he would react that way... Also wrote to Citizen, you, and Doc... I was not sending anything that was insulting, but hey I guess I have to be punish for what others do, right???

    So if you have a problem with me then please just ban me and I will leave... It seem you have a issue with me so let have it out and clear the air and if not then hide as usual...

    Also I am taking issue with Bo comment in Doc thread that is in the CF. Seeing Bo is your Mod he should correct his statement, and not make stuff up, but again you will most likely side with Bo, and take issue with me...

    Finally, if you are going to be fair then be fair, but if you are goin' to side with the left then so be it, and show your true colours...

    Now please explain why I am not allow to use my PM, and feel free to show my PM's to the board and let the site judge if you are being fair on this issue!!!
    Hey Dave....seems my Crossfire posting privileges are not online.

    Did I miss something?
    Dave..... I got into a dust up with Chauncy De vega..... I told him that if he had the courage of his convictions that he could step over into a real debate forum....

    Don't know if he's looked in yet...

    But please do send me the PJ invite link again....I will be using it frequently... getting myself into a lot of trouble out there! :)
    Hey Buddy..

    I Got the referral link but I prefer the general link...it makes it more genuine when I offer others the invite to come on board an debate. I have laid down that invite at least a dozen times lately....i go to the national journal posting sites and take it up with some of the big shots once in a while and when they show interest in the debate I explain to them that their site is not set up well for debate....but if you would care to debate the issue you can find me here. That's when I usually lay out the PJ general forums link.

    I don't know if it has had any followers but I suspect that people will eventually come in after they know where to look
    Dave...you probably should take down my latest crossfire offering...I looked for the delete button but it's not visible for some reason.

    The Title is.

    How many of you puke libbies .....so on and so forth...

    Though I feel it is well withing the posting parameters of both opinoion and metaphor....it could probably cause the whole forum some trouble if it gets linked to some kind of political watchdog sit.

    G'head...get rid of it

    I would have done it myself but for some reason I couldn't


    Greetings sir,

    May I have access to the new Crossfiire posting area. Great name btw....I think it portrays the necessary warning to all who enter.


    I'd like access to No Holds Dave. Can we move Zarathustra there permanently? :)
    Dave, can't find where my message to you printed out. I asked why when replying and indicating a word should be in bold letters that the word comes out B[word]B but not in bold print. Is it my computer or your program? I'll indicate that RedCloud is to be in bold.


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