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    Remember people: Guns don't kill people....

    I'm not a hunter, but do they shoot and kill wildlife with a rifle or pistol as a rule? I think we need to be sensible if we are going to adopt any gun control.
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    Men responsible for abortions?

    I would assume that goes for those who are believers in God; for those who know no God all bets are off. If you read the bible humanity was sprung from Adam & Eve, so we are all products of incest. For believers that's definitely a two-fer.
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    4.4 million jobs lost in September. Thanks Joe

    Granted a majority didn't want to return to work as you mentioned (incidentally, what are federal tax numbers?) and started online businesses, so they were still working when it comes down to it. I'm trying to figure out why Biden should be criticized since they voluntarily decided to try...
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    4.4 million jobs lost in September. Thanks Joe

    If that's true, then I wouldn't criticize them since we don't know why they quit, nor would I criticize Biden as well.
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    4.4 million jobs lost in September. Thanks Joe

    If what you maintain is true, then why is it Biden's fault if someone decides to quit their job to get a better job or is so fed up with their working conditions, they leave their current job?
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    Bob Dole dies at 98

    Senator Bob Dole has died at the age of 98. He was a three time candidate for President. May he rest in peace. Bob Dole dies at age 98 (cnbc.com)
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    US was better with President Trump than with President Biden

    I never cared much for Trump as president. I always felt (and still do) that he was a moral blank, a cheater, a bully and untrustworthy. I remember long before he was president how he cheated contractors who did work for him out of monies owed to them and when they threatened to sue him in...
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    Well, hi

    Welcome aboard!
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    Propaganda, PsyOps, and Covid: War by Other Means---

    I had the vaccine and am still alive. Under your scenario as I interpret it, I should have died a while back. Thus your viewpoint is duly noted.
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    Rittenhouse is the line in the sand.

    Okay fair enough; in that case your viewpoint is duly noted.
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    Rittenhouse is the line in the sand.

    I'm not sure what you mean in the first question; could you possibly clarify it so I can properly answer it?
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    Rittenhouse is the line in the sand.

    1) Out of curiosity, how do you know he expressed no contrition for the life he lead? Did he publicly make a statement to the fact? 2) I made that statement because I felt (and still do) that it was a bad comparison; Sandmann (to my knowledge does not have any "baggage" whereas Rittenhouse...
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    Rittenhouse is the line in the sand.

    So if I understand you correctly; it's only pedophiles that should be killed and not all felons. My only question on this is suppose the [Unwelcome language removed] killed was one of your family members, you would you be ok if your son or daughter were killed for being a [Unwelcome language removed] as opposed to getting them professional...
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    Rittenhouse is the line in the sand.

    So if all three were felons and killing them was acceptable; is it alright to kill all convicted felons in the country since they may commit a felony against society again in the future?? I'm just trying to figure out what the mindset is here. All that being said, In our country, we use the...