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And the idiocy continues.....

write on

First, the right wing tries to change what really is 'the big lie' to their advantage....

And it goes on and on...

STOP, and think for yourselves. Show some kind of integrity.



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They all know the "Big Lie" is a big lie but only a few have the courage to call it what it is. They lack integrity too.


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There are fewer than a dozen Republican members of Congress who have aligned with the truth against the Big Lie.
They can't purge the "whackjobs" from the GOP because that's what they've become.

sensible don

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Real simple - If you don't lie and support suppressing voters - WE DON'T WANT YOU in the GOP.

Plain and simple - follow the Greatest Loser's Big Lie and kiss his huge fat azz or see ya !

What a great formula for success - follow the Greatest Loser - the person who lost the Presidency, House and Senate - - because he " taught us how to win "
Keep it up, the rest of the sane world appreciates all the lies and rhetoric on display