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Are you optimistic about the future for USA?

Are you optimistic about the future for USA?

  • No I'm not optimistic about the future of USA

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Bless you all
I am...... :)

For me, I see a national awakening of sorts going on where the veil of the governments establishment scam from both parties that has been perpetrated on us all for so long has been pulled back and we see the incestuous inefficient mess that was in plain sight all along.

I also think the short-term pain the MSM is feeling relative to their gross partisanship and deceptive practices will ultimately help them find their center (and hopefully regain some level of ethics).

When you consider how long we have been fed so much misinformation and constantly berated and told what we can't do or say it's rather refreshing to feel you can go forth and flourish in driving change. For me the path to success for us (to me) seems clearer. We just have to take it.

I'm not saying it's not going to be a challenge given the desperation and hurdles put in front of us by useful idiots who are a cancerous scourge who relish to incite discouragement and discontent across our country. However, despite their perpetual goal of misery that they feel can only be solved by more government, our national situation is in our own hands and in some ways, clear battle lines have been drawn and it is very winnable.

I see no path for us other than victory.



Supporting Member
Yes, now that the drapes have been pulled back and we see who was really running the country down, yes, the Wizard of O is gone and the future is upon us.

Now we just need to get the R & D yard birds out of DC