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They weren't the perpetrators. They were the victims! With history being written by the victors, are you surprised? You have probably never heard about this. After WW II, many Germans ex-soldiers were taken prisoner of ex-war by American, British and French forces in Europe. They were held in what were called The Rhine Meadows Camps. I.5 to 1.7 million of them were basically murdered. Why? One reason is basically that dead men tell no tales. The other reason is ethnic cleansing. What was the ethnicity that was being "cleansed?" WHITE PEOPLE!!! General Patton was against this treatment. Which is probably why he was mortally injured in a mysterious car accident. It took him 2 weeks to die. Did he have anything to say while in the hospital? If he did, you'll never hear about it. Or hear the truth about it.

In total, around 11 million Germans were murdered after the war. I will give you a link to a couple websites. All I can say is god bless Robert Bowers. › general46 › germEisenhower's Holocaust - His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans › 2019/07/22 › 11-million11 Million Germans Were Murdered After WWII - Prepare For Change
For those suicidal cross conditioned way beyond therapy Nazi super egos War Crimes based on Islam virgin Mary medical human reproduction pseudoscience with WW II concentration camp Mengele "Angel of Death" Christiananality pedophilia baptize thine eyes by urinations based on a fabricated misnomer immaculate Jesus the Christ conception resulting in 2 wrongs make a rite which will be forgiven cognitive dissonance as when acting on "Eisenhower was a mass murderer war criminal" for attempts to put an end to Catholic Church brokering Nazi economics of Arab oil for Jewish Holocaust deaths to fuel their Reichquest just as SCOTUS & those crooks on Capital Hill malfeasance in their 9/11 more perfect union of thieving US Constitution - old glory - old testament Declaration of Independence - Israel flag - absentee voting ballots arsonists master race failing to nuke Temple Mount master plan.
Not open for further replies.