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Do you date outside your race

Do you date outside your race

  • I have not date outside my race but will consider this

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I never have...but my daughter has. She still sees him, they go out once in a while. She's white, he's MMA fighter (not sure how well he does) at the VA Nursing home in a city near us. Nice guy!


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Being married, I no longer date. I have dated outside my race and most certainly would do so again if my wife passes before I do. We did receive a few glances while out and about in San Francisco, but never heard a discouraging word. My wife's high school boyfriend was black. We still know him. It isn't an issue for us.

I also friended outside my race...and took a cross country road trip with my good friend Tony, a black man. This was in the late 80's. We discussed the possibility of weirdness...but none ever came forth. We stopped for breakfast in Lawrence, KS after a long night's ride...and the people were as welcoming as could be. College town...good stuff.


According to the religio-fear mongers, our bigger concern should be with people who date outside their species.


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I have been married for 30 years and I don't date.
However, when I did date, I considered the person, not his skin color. My oldest son is half hispanic. I am of German descent. My son is married to an Asian girl and his son is half asian, a quarter Hispanic and a quarter German. My adopted brother is half Native American and half Jewish Greek. His wife is English and he has an adopted black daughter.

All of us, regardless of our heritage and skin color are one big family. My son's biological family are all my family as is his family by marriage. None of us categorize each other in skin color slots. In our hearts we are one big family.


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i have,,,black, asian, hispanic, pacific rimmers,,,,different religions too,,jewish, mormon, athiest, buddist...

they were all pink inside...


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I voted yes, though to be clear, it is more a matter of 'I did date outside my race' rather than 'I do date outside my race'.

I am happily married now, and don't (obviously) date anymore.
But when I was younger, I had a rich and wonderfully-diverse love life.

And though I can say that I had lovers of all varieties and many ethnicities over the years, I always found it uncanny that black girls were so strongly attracted to me.

I was like catnip to them for some reason.
(And me as white-bread as Richie Cunningham.)

No explaining it. It just was what it was.


I am a bisexual white male. I have dated: a Bolivian mestiza woman, to whom I lost my virginity; a Black man; a Native American (Chippewa-Cree/Arikara) man; a Filipina woman; 2 Black women; and a woman of mixed Thai/Colombian ancestry (along with some white folks). The Bolivian woman and the Native American man were long-term lovers; the others were flings or didn't get off the ground.
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