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Hate speech?

I doubt any of you know the story of Chesley. She lives in Sunderland ( the first Brexit results in came from there) were millions of migrants are being sent from London- just to be housed 'cos jobs are few. They suffered terribly from EU's and Thatcher's destruction of industry in Sunderland and are only just beginning to recover but ......

After a couple of drinks with her Ma ( was not drunk) she was on her own and was phoning for a cab - she woke up, half dressed an black and blue, in a room on a mattress on a floor with a big fat naked man washing in the corner of the room - she tried to leave but he stopped her - she got out when he opened the door for 'the next' to enter. She ran down the stairs - was dragged back by her hair - eventually she did get free and ran screaming down the road. She went straight to Hospital for a rape kit - DNA was found - six men arrested and bailed - noting else was done. Her brother is in jail for doing something about it! She is a young mother and so traumatised ---- anyway