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Israel's Hidden Agenda in Gaza---

Lance Freeman

Council Member
So, what really brought about this latest Israel-Palestine war, which the 'stupid' Palestinians always seem to bring onto themselves, knowing full well they will be bombed back to the Stone Age? I mean, just how stupid can one get, right?

Well, we knew that Benjamin Netanyahu was fighting for his political life, and trying to avoid being indicted for corruption. One sure way to distract the masses from focusing on government malfeasance is to create an outside threat; that is an old trick that has worked well in the past for other Israeli Crime Ministers in trouble. So, Mossad agents, embedded in Gaza, were ordered to fire missiles into Israel. These missile attacks were designed to cause minimal or no casualties. Naturally, Israel's “retaliation” against those horrible Hamas 'terrorists' then begins.

Fighting against 'terrorists' causes ordinary Israelis to rally around their government, so it might just give Netanyahu the support he needed. It was hoped that this gambit would allow Netanyahu and his goons to stay in power, but it didn't work out that way. Netanyahu is now out of power, but the damage to the Palestinians, in terms of life and infrastructure, has been done. [There is also a rumor going around that the Jala Tower in Gaza was deliberately attacked to destroy servers with incriminating evidence relating to the mass murder of Palestinians].

Netanyahu may be out of power, but he has been replaced by another heartless Zionist as Crime Minister. Same old, same old, but what did we really expect? Did we really expect a fair-minded politician, a humanitarian with a conscience, to sit at the helm of a Luciferian state? The world needs to wake up to what's going on there.

There is only one party in Israel, and that is the Zionist Party. It masquerades as several different parties to fool the Israeli public, and it is astonishing that Israeli citizens, smart as they are, have not figured this out by now. But maybe they have, but don't give a chit. Maybe they are content that the rest of the world is fooled by this fake Zio-democracy, while their criminal leadership goes about fulfilling their evil plans for the Mid-East region. Deception has always been key to those plans.

Israel-Gaza: Netanyahu says operation against Hamas will continue - BBC News
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