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Microsoft CEO speaks about america. "It’s a nation formed by immigrants"


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SO you think people who chop down trees should be given free stuff?
You are dreaming up some fantastically arbitrary lines for claiming some people are more deserving of free stuff than others.
Hhmm. No.

Sorry. Not so

We were discussing 200 years ago....
This moron immigrant knows nothing about american history. Two hundred years ago america was NOT a welfare state and the people who came here had to fend for themselves. Today we are a welfare state and the immigrants go directly on welfare and stay their forever as do their kids.
The Melting Pot Has Had a Meltdown.
Leftists take every good idea and either extend it past its time or apply it to people it was never intended for. The country has been full since before this legalized invasion started in the 60s; we have neglected to take care of our own, especially by discouraging a higher birth rate and making education and other job training an unmotivating and unAmerican WORK WITHOUT PAY.