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New Blue state Florida supreme court clears way for both abortion ballot measure and six-week ban

sensible don

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Yessir and don't forget N. Carolina, Arizona, Nevada and eight other states too ! Turn the state blue with the abortion rights issues just like Ohio, Ky, Kansas and many others ! You FAKE evangelicals will never learn and I want to say THANKS !

Florida supreme court clears way for both abortion ballot measure and six-week ban | Florida | The Guardian

Almost 1 million Florida voters signed petitions to add the measure to the November ballot, according to an unofficial tally from the Florida division of elections.

Abortion-related ballot measures are currently in the works in about a dozen states across the country, including swing states such as Arizona and Nevada. Democrats are hoping that referendums to protect abortion rights will amp up turnout and help propel their candidates to victory, since abortion rights have become a winning electoral issue after the downfall of Roe v Wade in 2022. Outrage over the fall of Roe was credited with lessening a much-heralding “red wave” in the 2022 elections, while voters have backed abortion rights even in deep-red states like Kansas and Kentucky.

“The Florida supreme court was right to let the ballot initiative go before voters – and it’s a good thing they did because voters will need to head to the polls to undo the damage the court is causing with its decision to allow an extreme ban on abortion to go into effect,” Mini Timmaraju, Reproductive Freedom for All president, said in a statement on Monday. “This is devastating news for access to abortion care in the state and the entire south.”

I am an angry , old white man and I know what is best for you damn women - now get back in the kitchen - bare foot and pregnant !