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tri-sected angle explained...


okay, so the answer to the top post was this:

the question is; did you reproduce the angle 3 times


... and did you set the 3 angles within itself?

Now, remember, we are talking about the angle, not the hypotenuse.
man, did that ever come back to bite me on the ass.

But we adjusted the setting of the angles within itself... could the final method actually solve this 2000 year old riddle? Maybe we have to resurrect Euclid to find out for sure.
Let's put this in perspective; you do realize that we use 3.1416 for Pi... that's a rounded off fraction, the real fraction goes on forever. So, realize how close my solution is here; if this method hasn't precisely geometrically tri-sected a random angle with a compass and a straight edge, it is so close, it is at least as close as 3.1416 is to representing Pi.

IOW, it works, it tri-sects the angle. There's always a degree of imperfection in all things, nothing is perfect... even Euclid understood that.

... what kind of name is "Euclid"? Living with "Damian" was bad enough, at least my father didn't name me "Euclid".