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What Would You Do?


Mostly Liberal
I'll give it a try....

If you were Queen or King of the world for one day and could implement any law or edict you want...

What would it be and why?

This can be US Domestic or Worldwide....

I am of the opinion we should be doing the following:

Feed the world. It would go hand-in-hand with another initiative I have and that is six months of compulsory public service for every 18 year old starting in the year 2025 (just picking a date). Once you turn 18, you devote six months at one time to public service. It could be in the armed forces, volunteering locally, or as I put it already, working in the processing and distribution of agriculture products to feeding the hungry both in the United States and beyond.

I saw one report that says the United States alone produces enough food to feed 10 Billion People. I'm not sure how the calculation goes--how many calories per person that translates into--but we do produce an enormous amount of food.
First sentence, 3rd word, already talking about the "WORLD". Typical liberal. :rolleyes:

In my case, I would first take care of the USA (that does not include illegal aliens-who are not USA). I would see to it that everyone has a home, a suitable job, enough food, medical care, and a car. I would make sure that every criminal is in jail, and I would reform the jails/prisons to be places you don't ever want to go to.

I would see to it that every law abiding person who wants a gun (a necessity) would have one + the training necessary to handle it safely. I would ban LBGT displays/parades as harmful to children, and simply sickening to everyone.

I would ban CRT from everywhere, ban all Islam as unconstitutional/illegal (by the Supremacy Clause), close all mosques and convert the buildings into animal shelters, with medical care for dogs, cats and other animals. I would increase the penalties for animal cruelty, and place more restrictions on the treatment of monkeys, rabbits et al animals used in research ( and maybe ban the use of them entirely)

I would build the Mexican border wall, deport every illegal alien, build the Keystone Pipeline, make America # 1 energy producer in the world once again, and undo just about everything Joe Biden has done, and Make America Great Again.

After everything was fixed in the US, I would turn my attention to the rest of the world, and generally try to make things better there, with first looking at China, Iran, and any country that is aggressive and hostile to the US.

sensible don

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a gun is a necessity - how warped is that train of thought - and to think how did civilization survive all those thousands upon thousands of years ?
a gun is a necessity - how warped is that train of thought - and to think how did civilization survive all those thousands upon thousands of years ?
How warped is it to think that a gun is NOT a necessity. If you are living without a gun, you are gambling, with YOUR LIFE as the stakes.

Pure stupidity and insanity. Liberals have no idea how deranged they are.

And how civilizations survived before guns, is they possessed swords, bows & arrows, and spears. (or they perished)