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liberals are dumb

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    Micky Mouse And Rob Rob Among 11,000 *Scientists* Who Signed Dire Climate Change Warning!

    Yep, liberals got suckered again. It's because they're DUMB. So 11,000 *scientists* have issued a dire warning about climate change. Among the signatories: Micky Mouse Rob Rob A pensioner in Nambia gynecologists mathematicians psychologists a "Sahar".... whatever that is veterinarians After...
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    Ho hum... Another *Study* On *Climate Change*; Says We Need Socialism Now Or Else!!!

    You gotta hand it to the limp-wristed, communist climate change wackos. They're audacious. Now they're telling us (again) we have a dire emergency on our hands and need: Social justice Gender equality Population control Drastically cut back meat consumption Of course, since this is a...
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    How To Confuse A Liberal

    Is this a man or a woman? Pretty simple question. So why will so many liberals either dodge or avoid the question?
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    114 Private Jets Head to Italy for Talks About *Climate Change*.....

    Anyone else find this ironic and hilarious? Yeah, I'm sure Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio and other pointy-headed liberal cretins will all figure out ways we peasants need to change our lives while they continue to burn more fuel than multiple dozens of families. I'll stick with the position...
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    Fringoid CNN Kook: Pronouncing A Person's Name Correctly Is Mocking Them!

    Sorry, no link. But this is absolutely a current event. Rush Limbaugh makes it a habit to pronounce Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's name correctly. On Friday (or was it Thursday?), Rush Limbaugh played a clip of CNN nut case John King whining that Rush Limbaugh pronouncing AOC's name correctly...
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    What Would Jesus Do For Dummies....

    We hear a lot of nonsense from losers who claim that Jesus supports confiscating money from one group of people and giving it to another group of people. Of course, thinking people know this is nonsense. Jesus was about INDIVIDUALS giving and loving, helping the poor, the sick etc. WWJD? He'd...
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    Kook Liberal: Taco Bell Won't Give Me French Fries, They're Racist!!!!

    With liberals like this running around loose in society, it's hard to optimistic about America. I love how the young employee handles this dumb leftist:
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    UC Berkeley: Then And Now

    Of course, leftists are morphing into ISIS right before our very eyes:
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    The Monkeys Were Liberals- Especially One in Particular

    So I was in northern Thailand at a tourist stop, "The Monkey Cave". The monkeys were all liberals. They sat around waiting for others to feed them. Liberal. There was one monkey in particular who felt he wasn't getting enough food and demanded more by trying to grab the entire bucket of...