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  • Sorry but you got kicked out. ha ha. Backstage has been closed for now so no, it was not you. ;)
    Whistleblower, it may be ok. I PM'd you to PM Dave as he can answer that. Is that a trip you took? If so funny picture! Hope it can be shared. It can go either way. I had to edit your message until Dave ok's the photo. I think Dave may ok it but don't know. Be sure and PM him and give him the link.

    Quite a vacation! LOL
    Mary, did Dave post the list of moderators yet. I see you are one, you will be perfect.

    Congratulations, Ms. Moderator. I just saw that title below your name.
    I thought you might get picked. :)
    Thanks for the friend request MaryLb...I just saw it in my email awhile ago so added you.
    SB so far I read some posters we all know and I can't recognise them. I think their body has been taken over by polite alien creatures. ha ha

    It really is great to have a real moderater and both Dave and Chris seem to do their job well. I'm so glad you are here! I may not stay for long but it has been great seeing this side of everyone.
    Hey angel!!!!!

    Hopefully we can keep this place from becoming so polluted.

    Go back to the days of fun and discussion.

    Luv ya.

    Hey Green! I can't wait to start planting once we get settled down here. I envy you! Enjoy the strawberries! I like this better than Ballotbox. It is pretty good.

    Thought of you and Kristi today as I transplanted strawberries.

    nice place here
    great people
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