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Build Back Better plan


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With Manchin's known love affair with the coal industry.., he seems more likely to have his own agenda in mind. Sanders summed up those hold outs quite well. IMO
"So my concern with Mr. Manchin is not so much what his views are -- I disagree with them -- but it is that it is wrong, is really not playing fair, that one or two people think that they should be able to stop what 48 members of the Democratic caucus want, what the American people want, what the President of the United States wants," Sanders said.
He added: "So, Sen. Manchin has a right to fight for his point of view, has not only a right to be heard, he has a right to get some compromises. He's a member of the Senate. But two people do not have the right to sabotage what 48 want, and what the President of the United States wants. That to me is wrong."
American people want affordable electricity

COAL provides that


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And the uber-wealthy aka the ruling class have their lobbyists controlling and writing legislation for your Republican legislators. Remember ALEC? There's more dark money groups out there just like them. Don't you wonder when Republican legislatures come up with the same legislation across the country, for new voting laws, anti-abortion laws, etc.? Coincidence? I think not.

Remember Citizens United and how it put the stamp of approval on Dark Money?

Dark Money Basics • OpenSecrets
So how did Pelosi get $200Million in wealth?


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You didn't post about Biden's past High approval it's evident that you were reflexively waiting for bad ones. You found the lowest approval rating out there while I countered with 2 that were better. Your purpose was to reflexively make Biden look bad, which was "reflexive repetition of party propaganda without the benefit of original thought."
Surely you knoe the difference between Past and Present


Ending Racism with or without Hillary
Democrats used to be the party of slavery, of the KKK. Once the Civil Rights Act was passed, those racists became Republicans. Nixon nudged them along using the southern strategy. That's why Trump used racism, the birther conspiracy to appeal to his voters. They loved it that he could see into their hearts. If they can't look down on minorities, how will those white con guys feel okay about themselves?

Bernie is using his clout to state facts about the Biden plan.
That B.S. was dispelled by the New York Times in 2006. Where the heck have you been.

The Myth of ‘the Southern Strategy’ - The New York Times
Dec 10, 2006 · The Myth of ‘the Southern Strategy’. By Clay Risen. Dec. 10, 2006. Everyone knows that race has long played a decisive role in Southern electoral politics. From the end of Reconstruction unti


Let's see what Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) is doing in Atlanta today

An Elementary School In Georgia Is Segregating Kids In School Based On Race. Today. In 2021.
Soooo, apparently, racism and segregation are back in full force in the deep south. But this time, in Atlanta, it's the woke who are instituting the racist policy, so it's totally cool
An Elementary School In Georgia Is Segregating Kids In School Based On Race. Today. In 2021. | Not the Bee

Your was is now officially is...Is again.

Leopards don't change their spots...Neither will you, Party of Slavery.


Ending Racism with or without Hillary
Anyone who believed Trump's birther conspiracy about Obama earned the label.
Can you prove that it was not true? Trump would have access to information you don't. Ever wonder why Obama was silent when Trump was in the White House?


Ending Racism with or without Hillary
We must have some High income earners on PJ making over 400,000... :) they seem so worried over the increase in corporate taxes being raised
The House legislation calls for reversing a key plank of the Republicans' 2017 tax cuts by returning the top marginal income tax rate to 39.6%, up from 37%. That new top rate would apply to single filers with taxable income greater than $400,000 a year and married couples filing jointly earning more than $450,000 annually.
That's lower than the roughly top 1% threshold that Biden proposed earlier this year in his American Families Plan. But the committee's plan also is in keeping with the President's pledge that he would not increase taxes on those earning less than $400,000, which is more than 90% of taxpayers.
How much extra are you gonna pay?


3:23 PM · Oct 10, 2021
Here's the Build Back Better record.