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Cult hero Jim Jordan Tweeted Something Dumb About Vaccines, And Social Media Was There To Mock Him

sensible don

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Yes, pedophile look the other way coach Jimmy wants ALL VACCINES GONE - he is all in in the race for top right wing lunatic !

Next they will be coming after your aspirin and tylenol !

Find someone who loves you as much as Jim Jordan loves getting owned on social media for saying dumb things. The Ohio representative is mostly famous for being the best buddy of federally investigated colleague Matt Gaetz. You could say he’s the Beavis to Gaetz’s Butt-head. But every now and then he breaks out on his own, tweeting something simple and moronic about, let’s say, the founding fathers. On Tuesday, he decided to tweet something moronic about vaccine mandates.

Mandates to force people to get a humanity-saving cure that could finally bring an end to the pandemic: No, Republicans don’t like them. Jordan especially doesn’t like them, although it’s not clear if he understands them. “Ohio should ban all vaccine mandates,” he tweeted out. It was short and sweet, but not so short that people couldn’t dissect it for all its idiocy.

For starters: which vaccine is he talking about? Is it the flurry of mandates that most people, Jordan included, have had no problem with for the majority of their lives? Or is he against required vaccines for diseases like polio, measles, chicken pox, rubella, etc., etc., etc.?

Whatever the case, people pointed out that Jordan seems to be arguing for a resurgence of many diseases that were long ago considered conquered.

List of Ohio mandated vaccines that Rep Jordan never once objected to & 100% submitted to prior to COVID vaccine:
•Hepatitis B
•Chicken Pox

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Rep. Jim Jordan
· 17h
Ohio should ban all vaccine mandates.